The Purpose

Here is where I had planned to explain this blog – or, whatever it is, I don’t like the words “I have a blog,” they sound cliché, and I have a complicated relationship with cliché, so it’s best that I avoid it – but I have no actual idea what on earth I am explaining, nor how to explain whatever it is.

I like to be heard, really. I like people to read the things that I write and tell me how lovely they are.That’s the human truth of the matter. This thing, that for the sake of ease, I suppose I will call a blog, is so that people can read what words I have and catch from them pieces of who I am, and perhaps see from those pieces who they are, and most gloriously, perhaps even who God is. For are we not made in his image? Does this wonderful truth not mean that as we begin to discover who we really are, we must go to God to see that. And lovelier still, that as we begin to discover who we really are, we begin to see who God really is. It’s a complicated concept that could be picked at and debated over and yelled about for hours, but I am not here to yell – not today anyway – I am here to say “hello.” I am here to say, “hello, I am human. I am human and I am seeking God and God loves me. And this is a place to seek him outloud, and to be human outloud, and to be loved outloud, and to find beauty in all of it-” join me, fellow humans, in search of the Beauty, Love, and Truth that is God – the Beauty, Love, and Truth that we are meant to see, partake in, be part of, be manifestations of, sing, write, dance, shout, run, know, adore.


3 thoughts on “The Purpose

  1. Honesty. Honesty rules a blog. If pomposity is all people can hear when they read you, you are being honest. But, if you can manage to convey all your faults, abilities, and beliefs without losing yourself amidst vague verbiage, honesty becomes far more gracious. Treat honesty with respect, and it will do the same to you.

    • Is this not true in all things, not merely in the strange realms of a blog? It is my vision – to attain honesty, transparency, within those bounds. This so that what is seen is truly me, but greater than this, the God who is infinitely transparent, infinitely honest, who has called us to bring glory to himself by doing the same.

      Thank you – is what I’m trying to say, in my own strange way, thank you.

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