An Amos Lee Kind of Day

Does anyone else do this? Does anyone else categorize and define their days according to music? Allow me to elaborate. Amos Lee days are not simply days during which I listen to Amos Lee. No, I’ve had Amos Lee days during which I didn’t listen to him at all. It’s not really Amos himself that defines the day – it’s his sound, the feeling that comes when his songs drift through the room; that waking, sentimental, eerie, warm, thoughtful air that comes with his music. Amos Lee days come mostly in the winter I find (of course this could be due to the fact that he was introduced to me as summer ended – and so autumn and winter are the only seasons he’s had for the claiming) something about his music plays off the cold air and grey skies in a way that adds to it and yet contrasts it in beautiful, intriguing fashion. There are other kinds of days – though, I find that most of them are hard to put into words unless you are in the midst of them. It’s just the kind of thing that you know is there – the kind of thing where you wake up, and are walking around whatever house you find yourself in, and it hits you suddenly and gently that today is whatever kind of day it is. It’s not really something I can explain, as is so plainly seen by the poor attempt above. You’ll see though, you’ll wake up one day and find yourself in smack dab in the middle of a Paul Simon, or Carly Simon, or Andrew Peterson, or Peter Gabriel, or Ray Lamontagne, or Ray Charles, or Nickel Creek, or Beatles, or Coldplay, or Glenn Miller, or Montgomery Gentry, or James Taylor, or Rich Mullins, or Bach, or John Williams, or even, dare I say it, Justin Beiber, kind of day and you’ll just know and you won’t have any words to describe it other than just that – it’s an Amos Lee day, a Sara Groves day, a Chubby Checkers day.

All of this to say that this is today, Amos Lee – thoughtful, eerie, warm, sentimental, waking. That’s the second day of the year – thoughtful, eerie, warm, sentimental, waking. It’s an appropriate kind of day, I think. Something about the fact that today is a day early in a new year makes this day full. It’s a day brimming with newness and possibility – a blank page. Not a cliche blank page. It’s more like a friend of mine once said that a journal is “an unwritten book” – today is an unwritten story, a page free of any scarring, marring lines, gashes, or scratches. Amos Lee the soundtrack, every step, every breath, every word, every thought, the moving pen “and nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world.”


4 thoughts on “An Amos Lee Kind of Day

  1. Of course everyone does this! It may be subconscious, but everyone is so affected by music, that they can’t help but feel it in certain ways on particular days. That is why we find ourselves humming a song without knowing we were—what else would you hum on, say, a Ray LaMontaigne but Trouble.
    And I know what you mean (I think) when you say a Justin Beiber day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone we like for it to be that kind of day. (I am assuming you do not like the Beib, maybe you do). For instance, I am not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but some days, life rolls by in heavily synthesized beats and vague and confusing outfits.

    • I am not, at all, ever, a Beiliber – save for the fact that my brother very slightly resembles the idolized boy. That being said, yes – you are completely on point. Thank you for the comfort that I am not, in fact, the only person walking around defining their days according to a song. I felt that were this the case – that I were the only one – I would definitely be insane and all hope of being normal would fly entirely out the window… though, maybe that would be preferable. Thank you all the same.

      • You are not, nor ever will be normal–take comfort in that. Not that normality is something to be abhored, indeed quite the opposite. But the great gift of being different is dealt out so rarely, and it would be the greatest misuse to only wish to be something other, or rather not be.

      • I have no wish to be normal – I simply have to re-come-to-terms with the fact that I am not from time to time. I try very hard not to waste it – and I bid you do the same. A most sincere thank you, yet again.

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