Untitled Poem the fourth.

Music to accompany your thoughts – most poetic journeys are best taken with a melodious companion, be it music or a friend or God or an imaginary fairie.


Do you feel the drum beat in your soul?
Deep, full waters quiver, moan
It’s undeniable –
Oh you’re refinable-
Fire burns bright
Waiting so eager to swallow the night,
Devour all that is not gold,
Dig deeper than the fears that coax –
Ground can shift,
Oceans fade,
The sea is well contained,
But your soul,
it’s unrestrained
You know its chains are cast away,
Farther than your mind can stray,
Why do you seek them?
You are no caged bird,
Not even in a caged world –
You’re sitting idle in the land of open skies,
Life drifts by –
Oh you will be shaped – refined,
No matter how very hard you try,
To stay the same –
Your wings are well-defined,
Why waste them?


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