Two very beautiful people

I have many words of my own – as always. Many. I do not have time or space to put them into order on any page – not tonight. I very much want to. I very much want to start writing now and just keep writing and laughing and crying and sighing and singing and flying and dancing and undoing until the sun comes up and brings new words for a new day and then to see the day and to set aside the longing to keep writing and to instead stand up and wash my face of the ink marks and furrowed lines and greet the sun and greet the day and walk on with the gossamer shadow of my previous outpouring – adventure and dance and plunge to the depths and resurfacing- following me wherever I go, changing the air around me, speaking life and wisdom and grace and beauty and depth.

I like run-on sentences on occasion.

Anyway, I cannot do that – there is school tomorrow and consultation calls and life to be lived in a state other than sleepless. I can, however, share with you these words of other people – two very beautiful people full of life and wisdom and grace and beauty and depth. Two people whose words bring on a deep change and awakening because they flow out of souls that are free and human and loved. Words are very healing things I find – especially these.

A moment of Release. House Refinished.

Read them. Soak in them. Dive deep down with them. And come to me smiling when you’ve emerged on the other side.


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