A darkness, a peace – Part ii

It is both dark and peaceful. It is dark because we truly don’t know how the future will play out. We give ourselves to a silent death, death by a slow fire… But this silent flame is hard to perceive. You might not see it. Those who love you might not see it. But God is burning away all you have depended on.  But don’t worry… this slow burning death is not only dark, it is also peaceful. — Let God; Winn Collier

I have great hope
that in all things,
in every stumbling, staggering,
tremble-handed way and thought,
you are drawing near to me –
calling that wilderness heart of mine
what it truly is.
I cleave to great hope,
that my babbling
neverending consonant and vowel
one after the other
after the other –
great hope that in all
through all
I am tripping into surrender;
opening wider my heart to all that you are,
shrinking less,
shedding the fear that
I’m wrong — and you hate wrong.
How could I know, that
the moment I unfurl,
you will cover me?


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