Lent – day one

These next forty days of walking deliberately in the direction of the cross, hold such great promise. I pray I walk in a way that embraces that promise with all that I am and all that I have. I pray that promise gives way to joy and more of Christ in me.

In hopes of being intentional about this promise coming to fruition, I sat for a while with these two questions, what do I need to embrace? and what do I need to let go of? I made a list of options for each of the two questions, and then, God said this – write a poem every day. publish it. let it go. 

So, here we are. Day one (which, I think, is technically day two, but we’re calling it one) — it’s a short one and I make no claim to any of the poems I share in these 40 days being any “good,” good is not the point here. The point – today, anyway – is obedience; it’s engaging in the process. And I pray with deep hope, that somewhere along the way we become more whole because of it.

He only wanted to kiss the palm branch,
only wanted to be close enough
to smell her –
sometimes, love is too great
to leave any but ashes.


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