Lent — day three

I’ve been angry with you,
God of Jacob.
Angry as Jacob surely was most
nights, when the stars loomed above
and their promise seemed to rest
on him alone, the nights where
the stars laughed and mocked
from their untouchable beds.
God, friend of Abraham,
who ate Abraham’s food,
and whose feet were washed
with Abraham’s hands.
“How,” Jacob groans, “could he stand
every moment after you touched him,
looked at him with visible eyes?
How did all of life after You,
not quake, and diminish into longing
for your eyes again?”
Jacob remembers, see,
a night that the stars climbed
down to see him, and he heard
their laugh, it did not mock
as it had – it bounded forth,
contagious, wise, letting-go.
And that day, their promise
was his dearest friend.


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