Lent — day seven

I have two for you today.

My grandfather saw all
the world with piercing eyes,
he saw stillness and shine,
the quiet of a cup of tea,
the wild dance of the Sahara,
and he chased them
all the way to the end
of the river, where it runs
to the arms of its ocean Father.
There, he jumped in, and he
cried for the last time,
and was swallowed by the fullness
of everything that ever called
his true name, the Love
that echoed even in the penny
placed where the sidewalk ends, the
blessing always on his lips,
near his heart, propelling,
compelling, ever on and in.
And I envy him, in his ocean home,
the way I envy those who
have been truly kissed.

who did not eat for forty days,
walk with me, who cannot fast for one –
show me how you did it.
As I brave these sword fights with my enemy,
the one who hates me most,
please remember how you were brave,
and show me that as well.


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