Lent — days thirteen and fourteen

Day thirteen:

Shook, shaken,
poured, mistaken,
running, but a thread
got caught, I’m all but
unraveled here.
had I known that each step
I took would be my undoing,
would I still have come to you?

Day fourteen:

Welcome, fellow soul,
to here and sun and eyes.
Welcome to this broken land.
Welcome to this garden.
Once we walked in the cool
of the day, with no fear
that love was untrue.
I’m sorry for the broken ways,
we’ve already told that to you.

Here is where we are now,
still, we’re in a garden.
Though the questions
and wrestlings, and ache
are worse than they were
meant to be, though ground is
laced with splinters and shards
of what were once home-found trees,
you, dear soul, are light and life
just in getting born here.
And the longer you brave
the well-splintered night,
the more souls you will warm here.

So, welcome to this garden.
Welcome Brave and True.
You arrived just on the brink of
spring in its glorious, defiant way –
its rhapsody and poetry,
in daffodils and wild streams,
with quiet creeping into things,
and boisterous sparrows unafraid to sing –
it has come to tell the night away
it has come to tell you what always remains.


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