Lent — day nineteen

Satisfied. Though the world toss-turned all through her stay,
though she watched, unable to bear, unable even to intercede –
she took in all, surrounded all, penetrates, and loves every torn,
asunder,  twisted, uncertain, shattered, lovely, true thing,
until she bids farewell. She gives way to the night and trusts
that surely she will return to all of this toss-turn world,
will greet it, and will have us to love again, with hazy sighs
and piercing cries, fiery compassion, unrelenting, gentle, true,
calling things that are not as if they were. She sees the better
story told. So, she can rest and come and go in beauty
and in subtle, unassuming cries of glory and surrender.
She rises, opens, begins; sets, closes, ends,
certain, honest, and satisfied.


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