Lent — day five

Somewhere in the finally-still of last night,
a goose, an all alone goose, cried
near enough my open window for its
weeping, its pleading, to seep into
my fitful-sleeping soul and fill it.
Fill it so aching and familiar that I woke.
I woke and prayed for the kindred goose,
and even as my body returned to some
semblance of sleep, my filled-up soul
petitioned for the bird until it felt the
forgetful thing take flight again.


Untitled Poem the Third.

Why do you hide?
Why do you put on
That lovely face
Laughing and smirking
As if all is well
And yet boiling inside
Is a storm
And writhing deep down
Is a beast
You’ve forgotten how to tame –
You’ve forgotten your own name,
We could help you remember.
We could help you walk home
To the place you belong
The place whose deep call
Drives you mad
Because you’re stuck
Run flat
Run out
Run through
By the enemy’s sword,
The one you ignore –
The one that I weep over often.
We’re waiting right here,
To walk with you dear,
So come out,
Come out,
Wherever you are.